Unbroken – Motivational Video

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31 thoughts on “Unbroken – Motivational Video

  1. the best motivational video that I have ever seen made me cry .after listening,something was running in mind through out the whole day. hats off to this video.

  2. i hate how motivational fucking clips always talk about sucess and your goals but then just show retards working out to get big muscles…. have people not yet realized being a mountain of muscle isnt sucess? sucess is achieving fullfillment. Enlightenment, financial success. Living the life you deserve to live. Not something as vain as "getting jacked" can you guys who work out every day all stop pretending your conquering the world or just got promoted to CFO of microsoft.

  3. I understand everything from this video i want to be like that but no matter how hard i try i cant find what i really want so i live in a dead end until i find it

  4. I don't dig roids, but this was funny at 2:15

    "That's why when these roids kick into this chocolate mass, baby, I'm going to be UNSTOPPABLE!

    I ain't making no more tacos, I ain't cleaning up after nobody tacos, I'm putting my beef in their tacos!

    everybody gonna want some of THIS!"

  5. I FUCKING HATE WHEN THE YOUNG VOICES COME ON. They have no wisdom there for are not motivational. Just irritating silver spooned brats.

  6. Push yourself to work harder than yesterday but even work better tomorrow Challenge yourself to find something within that exceeds you.Here to succeed Mulenga Follow us on Instagram: @heretosucceed

  7. I'm on a football team and I want to be faster and catch better how can I do that? Answer:practice and my excuse is my mom won't take me to a field or anything she won't let me go to the park how do get better if my mom won't let me? Plz help :(

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