Most of us don’t mind being told of our faults if the critic is generous enough to mix in a few of our virtues as well.

It’s a normal reaction to defend ourselves and our behavior when someone criticizes us — even if we secretly recognize that what we’re being told is correct. Those who achieve great success in life, however, are those who have learned to set aside their emotions and learn from others, even when the message is unpleasant. If you find yourself being evaluated by someone else, tell yourself that criticism of some aspect of your performance is not a personal attack. Control your emotional reaction and adopt useful ideas even though you may dislike the manner in which the information is delivered.

If you appreciate the kindness shown you by others, say it with actions as well as words.

The people who enjoy the greatest financial and personal success in life are those who build lasting relationships — with business associates, friends, co-workers, and others. They take the time and trouble to stay in touch, and they make sure that when someone does a good deed for them, they respond in kind. Build your network of personal and professional friends by taking the initiative and being a friend.

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