EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington – Claim Your Dream!!

Inspiring by to some aspiring actors and kids. This gave me goosebumps .. DAMN!

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KIDS REACT TO JUST DO IT (Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speech)

KIDS REACT TO JUST DO IT (Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speech)

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Watch the KIDS REACT to this hilarious inspirational video. DO IT!

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This episode featured the following amazing kids!
NOTE: Kids that are technically ‘teens’ will remain on ‘Kids React’ until they enter high school.

Felix, age 6
Max, age 6
Dominick, age 7
Jenna, age 7
Sydney, age 7
Gabe, age 8
Melanie, age 8
Tyler, age 10
Devyn, age 11
Elle, age 13
Lydon, age 13
Videos featured in this episode:
Shia LaBeouf “Just Do It” (Original Video)

Shia LaBeouf delivers the most intense motivational speech of all-time FULL

Damn It Shia


Shia LaBeouf motivates Goku Just do it

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KIDS REACT – Just Do it!

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