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0:18 | Eminem
0:47 | Prince Ea
0:58 | Les Brown
2:06 | Randy Pausch
2:16 | Jeff Allen
2:26 | Ray Lewis
2:39 | Elliott Hulse
2:46 | Nick Vujicic
2:54 | Chris Ross
3:23 | Coach Hite

0:00 | Secession Studios – Of Gods And Men
2:16 | Secession Studios – Our Reckoning

Jetman Dubai – Young Feathers by XDubai
Hong Kong Heights by Oliver KMIA
Vampire Diaries – Funeral scene
Motivation Street Workout by NeverMvm
Spring Begins – Street Workout Motivation by NeverMvm
Bellatores by Jakub Steinecker
Eminem – Not Afraid

8 Mile
The Amazing Spiderman 2
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Best Motivational Video- Speeches Compilation Long

I made this video while I was on my darkest days this video is not impacting the community on a wrong way and is only for purposes. The videos that are inside of this compilations are not mine I just took a bunch of videos and put them together with a direct link to every video on this video. Please support the original maker of each video and Subscribe to them. If I missed a video please let me know so I can add it to the description. If anyone have any problem with a video and does not want your video on my video please email me at: and we will work something out.
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Shorter Video(Pt.2):
Eric Thomas:
Steve Jobs:
Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Sylvester Stalone:
Will Smith:
Muhammad Ali:
Jon Taffer:
Coach Carter:
Dear Hard Work:
Made by me 🙂
17:25 M83- Outro
26:05 Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight
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