Esther Hicks

Who’s Esther Hicks and Was She Part of The Secret?

Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and best-selling author. She has co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the Law of Attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications and appeared in the first release of the film The Secret. The Hicks’ books, including the best-selling series The Law of Attraction, are — according to Esther Hicks — “translated from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.” (Hicks describes what she is doing as tapping into “infinite intelligence”)

Esther Hicks was a narrator and star of the original version of the film The Secret, as well as a central source of the film’s inspiration. The footage featuring Hicks was removed from the later “Extended Edition” after the film’s creator Rhonda Byrne, who has been involved in contractual disputes and litigation regarding the film, rescinded the original contract covering Hicks’ participation, and asked that Hicks relinquish her “intellectual property rights in these areas forever”. In an open letter posted on the internet, Hicks stated that she had been “uncomfortable with what felt to us like a rather aggressive marketing campaign,” and that ultimately Abraham gave her the following advice: “Whenever you are given an ultimatum that says, ‘if you don’t do this, then we will have to do such and such,’ it is best that you just let it go and move on. Otherwise there is always another, and this, and this, and this?” The letter doesn’t condemn Byrne, but clarifies why Hicks no longer appears in The Secret.

The LOA System

The fact that you have landed on this page probably means that you already know that both of the quotes above are very true. You know that the equation for attracting the things that you want into your life goes a little something like this:

The release of the movie "The Secret" in 2006 based on Rhonda Byrne’s book of the same name, created a media blitz that brought the teachings of the Law of Attraction to new heights, Or as I like to think of it "It opened our eyes to what a lot of us already felt to be the truth". Many of the great Law of Attraction teachers who were featured in the movie went on the talk show circuits promoting the movie and the law itself.

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