The Story of the Uttis Tree

The entry to the ashram in Kainchi is at the boundary of the temple premises and just inside, about twenty-five meters away there is a big stone that Baba would often sit on, surrounded by devotees and other visitors. By the side of the stone, a big Uttis tree stood that had died. It was old and bent, and people feared that it would be uprooted in a storm, possibly injuring someone if it fell.

One day Baba was sitting on a rock with some devotees when someone expressed his fear about the tree and asked Baba if it could be chopped down. Baba simply said, “Pour some Ganga water at its roots. It will become green again.” Sri Ma brought the Ganges water in a can and gave it to Purnanand, who poured it on the roots around the tree. After some time the tree became as green as before. It still stands to tell its wonderful story even after so many years.

The Uttis Tree at the Kainchi Ashram in India

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

A Lifelong Penance

One evening in May, Baba was sitting in a chair on the lawn at Church Lane. Some families of the judges of Allahabad’s High Court were sitting around him on the ground. I was sitting alone on the other side of the lawn. Some time passed, and two men came and stood near me. One of them was dressed in a black coat, like a lawyer, and the other was in the traditional Indian dress of dhoti and kurta. Both of them bowed to Baba in salutation, but he did not look at them. Baba continued to sit with his head bent, talking to the devotees near him. The newcomers waited for some time in the hope that Baba would turn his eyes towards them, and eventually they sat down quietly.

The man wearing the black coat seemed to be impatient. He was signaling to the man in the dhoti-kurta to leave. Seeing him so restless, his friend got up to attract Baba’s attention and said, “Maharaj, I have come with a friend of mine. He is in trouble and wants your blessing.” Seeing his friend standing, the man in the black coat also stood up. Baba said to the man wearing the dhoti-kurta, “You are a lawyer.” The man agreed. Then Baba said to the man wearing the black coat, “You are not a lawyer.” He nodded. Everyone stared at Baba in fascination. Baba asked the man directly, “What is your trouble?” Being nervous, the man did not reply. His lawyer friend said on his behalf, “Maharaj, he has been involved in a murder case, and the police are after him.” Baba asked the man in the black coat, “Have you not murdered?” On his short negative reply, Baba said harshly, “Didn’t you have a hand in the murder?” Then he told the truth saying, “Yes, Maharaj.” Though no details of the murder were given, Baba knew all. He said, “The man who you got murdered was very gentle. Why did you do this?” The man humbly replied, “Maharaj, he was a stumbling block in my way.” With grief and anger, Baba burst out saying, “His children are still young. How will they be brought up?” Filled with remorse, the man felt mortified and could not give Baba any reply.

Baba told the man that he must do a lifelong penance by taking full responsibility for the family and ensuring that the wife and children were looked after. Baba told him to take a vow that he would do so. Weeping, the man promised to do what Baba commanded. Baba asked the lawyer, “Whose court is the case to be tried in?” The lawyer gave the name of a Muslim judge. Baba said, “All will be well.”

By acquitting the man from the justice of the law, Maharaj ensured that the family would be looked after. Instead of just a jail sentence, the man did lifelong penance by serving the family. He realized the enormity of his crime and suffered great remorse throughout his life.

From The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

Feeding the Children

Fewer visitors were coming to Kainchi Ashram, for it was October and getting cold in the hills. One day at about 2 p.m. Kundanlal sah, an engineer, was going from Ranikhet to his home in Bareilly. On his way he stopped his car at the ashram and went in to have Maharaji’s darshan. There were only four people with Baba. After some time many elderly lady devotees arrived from Nainital, and Baba asked all of them to prepare puris in the kitchen. Sah said that he could not understand why so many ladies would be preparing so much food when there were only four people with Baba and all the inmates of the ashram had already taken prasad. It came to his mind that there must be some other reason for preparing large quantities of puris and vegetables. At about 7 p.m. two buses full of scouts from Rajasthan arrived unexpectedly at the gates of the temple. They were touring the hills and arrived at the ashram via Dwarahat and Ranikhet. Baba was very happy to see the children and made them eat to their heart’s content. 

excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj  by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

A Boy’s Prayer

Radhay Shyam had been suffering from psoriasis on his feet for many years and had spent a lot of money on medication, including treatment at the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. He was disappointed because there had been no improvement.

In 1985 he went with his brother and grandson to attend the bhandara held in Vrindavan on Anant Chaturdashi, the anniversary of Baba’s Mahasamadhi. Radhay Shyam’s grandson went into Baba’s kuti alone, and in the solitude of that room, he joined his hands together in salutation before Baba’s big photograph on his tahkat. The boy humbly requested Baba to cure his grandfather’s disease. Baba had said, “Anyone who comes before my photograph is seen by me.” He was pleased with the boy’s prayer. The boy saw a beam of light emerge from the photograph, take the shape of a hand and touch his head. At the same time he heard a very clear voice coming from the photo saying, “Go, all will be well.” The incident frightened the boy, who went running to Radhay Shyam, telling him everything. Radhay Shyam’s feet gradually improved, and within ten months of this incident, the psoriasis was gone.

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

Travel Lila

In 1949 Baba travelled from Nainital to Kashipur via Haldwani with nine devotees. When they arrived in Kashipur, they stayed in the house of Kishan Chaube, who extended great hospitality to them. Throughout the day all the devotees in Kashipur came with offerings of food and milk for Baba. Baba ate many platefuls of food that day and drank milk in large quantities. Before evening, however, he said he was hungry. He sent his devotee Pooran Chandra Joshi to a nearby lane saying, “A woman is waiting there. She has prepared roti for me. Go and bring it.” Joshi went into that narrow lane and saw an old woman sitting in an open doorway. As soon as he spoke Baba’s name, she happily disappeared inside and returned bringing a thick roti and some green vegetables. At that moment Baba himself arrived and taking the roti in his hand, ate it with great relish.

Baba and the group of devotees returned to Haldwani by train from Kashipur. Chaube had purchased a second-class ticket for Baba. By mistake he bought only eight third-class tickets for the nine devotees who accompanied him and gave the tickets to one of them. All of them sat in the second-class compartment with Baba except for a pandit (religious scholar), who travelled in the third-class compartment of the train. Suddenly Baba asked the devotees, “How many tickets are there?” A devotee replied that Chaube bought tickets for all. Baba sternly asked, “Where is Pandit’s ticket?” They counted them again and realized the mistake.

Baba took all the tickets from them and threw them out of the window of the moving train, making all of them ticketless travelers. A special checking squad was checking the train that day, and the eight devotees sitting with Baba were government servants. They worried about losing their jobs if they were caught traveling without tickets. At the next station Baba got out of the train and went to sit with Pandit in the third-class compartment, as did the devotees. Just then Baba put nine third-class tickets into the hands of a devotee.

The train arrived at the Lalkuan station late at night, after the connecting train to Haldwani had already left. There was no other train for Haldwani nor was a bus available, so they thought they would have to spend the night at the station. However, as Baba got down onto the platform, a Muslim truck driver standing nearby noticed him, wrapped in his blanket. He stared at Baba with great curiosity. Baba also looked at him and said, “Your wife is ill? You are sad? You have taken her to Bareilly, Agra, and other places and still there is no improvement? Do not worry, she will be alright.” He listened to Baba in quiet amazement and then humbly asked him, “Baba, where do you want to go? My truck is standing outside. If you will allow me, I will take you wherever you like.” He then took everyone to Haldwani in his truck.

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

An Umbrella of Protection

In 1967 R.P. Vaish, a devotee of Baba’s, came to Kainchi to see Baba. He was being transferred to Delhi, and he told Baba that he wanted to tour Kashmir before taking up his post. When Vaish was leaving, Baba gave him an umbrella and said, “Keep it with you. It rains heavily there.” Vaish hesitated to accept the umbrella and said, “I have an umbrella at home. This one will serve many people here at the ashram.” Baba did not listen to him and again asked him to keep it with him. During his stay in Kashmir, Vaish went about holding the umbrella. On his return to Delhi, he again went to Kainchi for Baba’s darshan and to return the umbrella. On seeing him, Baba said, “You have come to return the umbrella?” Baba then said, “Keep it with you. It will be a protective umbrella over you.” Vaish did not understand what Baba meant, but he went back to Delhi, taking the umbrella with him.

In 1978, five years after Baba’s Mahasamadhi, Vaish was transferred to Lucknow and left his extra luggage, including the umbrella, at his house in Delhi. In Lucknow he started suffering from heart, liver and spleen trouble. A check-up at Balrampur Hospital revealed that his spleen was enlarged by thirteen centimeters, but the doctors did not advise an operation due to his heart trouble. As no other treatment option was available to him in Lucknow, he and his wife went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. Back in Delhi, Vaish was getting ready to go from his house to the hospital when his wife noticed the umbrella lying there. The idea came to her that by not keeping the umbrella gifted to him by Maharaj with him always, he might have been deprived of Baba’s protection. In the hot month of June, Shrimati Vaish escorted her husband to the hospital and hid the umbrella under his pillow.

Vaish was examined thoroughly once again. His spleen was still enlarged by thirteen centimeters. The doctors told him that he would have to stay in the hospital for six months and agreed that it was not advisable to operate on the spleen in his condition. They would have to rely on the medicines to affect a cure. They told him that he would have to take a special tablet once a month that would reduce his spleen by two and a half centimeters over thirty days. He took the first tablet that same day. The next morning he felt so much better that he asked the doctor to get his spleen examined again. Saying encouraging words to him, the doctor explained that the process of measuring would be repeated after six months, not every day. Vaish was not satisfied with this and sent his wife to the chief medical superintendent with a request to get his spleen examined again as a special case. The superintendent ordered it to be re-measured, and the results showed that his spleen had indeed reduced in size by thirteen centimeters. Since the tablet was not that effective, the doctors were all amazed at the sudden change. When they expressed their surprise to Vaish, he pulled out the umbrella and said, “By its grace.”


Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

Be Here Now

With Maharaji’s permission, Ram Dass published the book Be Here Now in America in 1971. He gave instructions to the publisher to print the book and came to India with the first copy to present to Maharaji. Maharaji had not studied English. Yet five months later he drew Ram Dass’ attention to some untruths in two passages of the book and said, “Lies should not be mentioned in this book. They will hurt you. Delete those passages from the book.” 

Ram Dass became anxious because a long time had elapsed, and the book might already have been published. He expected that about thirty thousand copies would have been printed. He contacted Steve Durkee and found out that the next thirty thousand copies were, in fact, in print. Explaining the situation to Baba, he said that the changes could only be incorporated into the next edition. It would be a loss of $10,000 to reject the thirty thousand books. Maharaji said, “Money and truth have nothing to do with each other. When you printed it first, you thought it was true, but now that you know it isn’t, you can’t print lies. You will be hurt by it. You must correct it now.”

Ram Dass sent a cable to Steve. After a week he received a reply reporting a strange incident. The book could not be printed because Baba’s photograph, which was to be printed on a full page, was missing. The original was also missing, so a new plate could not be made. The printed had pulled the job off the press to await further instructions.

Excerpt from The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”

One Ailment, Different Treatment

One day Baba was sitting on a parapet by the roadside when a sadhu named Balak came and offered pranaam to him. Baba said to Balak, “What’s the trouble?” Balak told him that he had been suffering from stomach pain since the previous evening. Baba gave him some of the remaining water from the lota (metal pot) that he used when washing. Balak drank this, and then Baba made him run around. In a little while the pain subsided.


The same day Pandit Mama also had pain in his stomach. Baba immediately got him admitted to Ramsay Hospital in Nainital and sent his devotees to enquire about his health throughout the day. A devotee asked Baba the reason for according different treatment to Pandit Mama. In reference to Balak, Baba said, “God takes care of the person who has no one to look after him. Pandit is a well-to-do man. He wants good treatment and also expects others to express their sympathy for him.”



Excerpt from “The Divine Reality of Sri Baba Neeb Karori Ji Maharaj” by Ravi Prakash Pande “Rajida”