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Books, videos, online resources etc. are all amazing, but at the same time NOTHING beats IN-PERSON connections. The most growth I’ve ever had has always been from face to face interactions and relationships. I critically emphasize you do your very best to cultivate IN-PERSON REAL LIFE relationships with awesome the best you can!

►Biggest lesson from this vid: “The right people just naturally come into your life when you take action”

Also, “Keep working on the “inner”, and the “outer” reality will eventually reflect it.”


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►Key points:
-Focus on moving towards your dreams.
-Try to make friends, but your main focus should be on MOVING FORWARD. Focus on making yourself an awesome, inspiring person to be around.
-Most “social skills” advice will make you give off a “needy” social vibe. When focused on making friends, you will always be giving off needy social vibes. Mainly focus on your dreams and moving forward, which will release those needy social vibes.
-“The right people come into your life when you take action.”
-Lots of times you will need to take action ALONE.
(For example, if you want a workout buddy. Perhaps it’ll take a couple months of going to the gym by yourself. But after taking action by yourself, then and only then will you meet a friend on the same path.)
-You NEED to put yourself out there socially, say “hi” to everyone, be kind to people, face your anxieties and do your best to be social, and make opportunities happen. Always push your comfort zone. Invite people to hangout / do things!
-Become a “YES MAN”, every social invite that you get (a party, an event, just playing video games with someone, ANYTHING — YOU MUST ACCEPT AND GO TO!)
-Always try to be a energy on everyone and have a positive impact on others, and watch that energy come back.
-Don’t be afraid to reach out to people you want to surround yourself with. (that buff guy at the gym who you’d like to workout with, the guy at the bar who you is good with the ladies, that girl in biology class who really seems to get the material, an inspiration, an older person you really respect, etc… ask them to hangout, etc.)

If you ask people to hangout / to do something, you’ll be surprised. Most people accept genuine invitations!
If you ask people for help, you’ll be surprised. Often they are flattered and would love to help you!

It’s okay to focus on logistics too. Go to places / events where you can meet people. Sometimes all it takes is making one friend, and then that friend will introduce you to his / her social circle and suddenly you have a group of friends!

BTW, I don’t have that many friends. I’m an introvert and enjoy just having a few close friends I connect very well with. No need to be mr. popular. Hope you liked this vid!

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How To Make Awesome Friends & Surround Yourself With Positive People!
Video Rating: / 5


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