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Speakers, Music & Videos Used

0:18 | Eminem
0:47 | Prince Ea
0:58 | Les Brown
2:06 | Randy Pausch
2:16 | Jeff Allen
2:26 | Ray Lewis
2:39 | Elliott Hulse
2:46 | Nick Vujicic
2:54 | Chris Ross
3:23 | Coach Hite

0:00 | Secession Studios – Of Gods And Men
2:16 | Secession Studios – Our Reckoning

Jetman Dubai – Young Feathers by XDubai
Hong Kong Heights by Oliver KMIA
Vampire Diaries – Funeral scene
Motivation Street Workout by NeverMvm
Spring Begins – Street Workout Motivation by NeverMvm
Bellatores by Jakub Steinecker
Eminem – Not Afraid

8 Mile
The Amazing Spiderman 2
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Best Motivational Video- Speeches Compilation Long

I made this video while I was on my darkest days this video is not impacting the community on a wrong way and is only for purposes. The videos that are inside of this compilations are not mine I just took a bunch of videos and put them together with a direct link to every video on this video. Please support the original maker of each video and Subscribe to them. If I missed a video please let me know so I can add it to the description. If anyone have any problem with a video and does not want your video on my video please email me at: and we will work something out.
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Shorter Video(Pt.2):
Eric Thomas:
Steve Jobs:
Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Sylvester Stalone:
Will Smith:
Muhammad Ali:
Jon Taffer:
Coach Carter:
Dear Hard Work:
Made by me 🙂
17:25 M83- Outro
26:05 Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight
I’m not making any money for this video the ads you see is from the copyright owners.
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34 thoughts on “ONE SHOT – Motivational Video

  1. So Motivating….Never giving up on my dream in life! These videos keep me going! You're impacting lives, Ben by these videos! Thank you my brother!

  2. chase your dreams. no matter how crazy you think it is, how many people doubt you. really relevant to youtube. keep 'em coming.

  3. What are you doing to make a living? What is your latest passion?? I hope the donations toward your video compilation not only sustain you, but accelerate you to your next greatest level.. You are a Leader.

  4. you acting small does not serve the world, there is nothing enlightening in shrinking ourselves so that people can feel secure around us.

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