Manifesting Your Desires

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Are you manifesting your desires and dreams? Do you think people who already have so many things in their life don’t have dreams? Yes they have, dreams even bigger and bigger. Just imagine a clear picture of what you want first and later think about it over and over and eventually it comes true. It is actually cool once you understand it, because after that you can set up as big of dreams as you want. And you will believe in it automatically, because so many of your dreams came true. That is how I feel. As soon as I set a new dream I know it will come true, no matter what. Let me tell you a little bit of my story and show you how your mind set can completely change your life. I was born in a little city in a foreign country and my family was very poor. My mom and dad had 5 kids including me. The factory where my parents worked went bankrupt, which is how they lost their jobs. They had to apply for government support which wasn’t a lot of money. I wanted to support my parents and figure something out. I decided to move to a bigger city to find a better opportunity for work. And I found a great job in the internet marketing and advertising industry. I loved it and I also could support my mom and dad. Later I was thinking about University. I was always interested to learn different languages and understand people no matter where they were from. In my high school I learned Dutch, in college I learned English, & in my free time I was trying to figure out Japanese. I wanted to continue studying different languages in one of Europe’s universities and become a great translator for people. I had to learn more English to pass my English toefl speaking test. So I learned from different types of books and read free books online I also was interested in mindset types of books, like “Think and rich/” title=”View all articles about Grow Rich here”>Grow Rich“,” The Secret”, “Power of attraction” etc. I would recommend these types of books to everybody, because they are really powerful and give very useful tools to achieve your goals and dreams. I also read a lot of English love confession poems. My free time I spent on some English chit-chat sites to see what people are talking about, speak to and understand them. That is how I met my husband Dave from Canada. And now I have my own personal development business in Canada. I love travel with my family and enjoy my life. It is does not matter who I am and where I am from! It is all about the action everyone takes. If I would stay in my little city and watch TV my family and I would still struggle to make ends meet! I love different languages and I took the action to speak with people abroad, understand them and now I live in a country abroad where I enjoy to speak in a different language in person and I have wonderful Canadian husband. You can take action too! So many things you love doing! Name it. I wish you the best with all new things you are starting.

Tanya Willis

We are successful entrepreneurs in the personal development business and work at home parents. Our team mentored by America’s top speakers, authors and trainers. Our goal is to provide each person with enough information, training and marketing skills so they can set up and start their own business with great results. We work individually with each person so this way we can give them the full support and attention they need to start their business. We are partners with serious, motivated, intelligent entrepreneurs, speakers, experts, leaders in the personal development industry.
Dave and Tanya Willis

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