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Jack Canfield – 3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Take More Action

By Sandra Essex

Jack Canfield is a motivational speaker who stresses that in both business and everything else, those who take action are the ones who see results. Along with proper planning and the drive to succeed, taking action ranks very high among those important pieces of the success puzzle. So there can be no doubt about it, taking action is clearly important if you’re ever going to realize those grand dreams you’ve nurtured about your business. Otherwise they remain just that-dreams!

But that is not to say that taking action is always easy. Even after you’ve thoroughly planned the business approach and all, you may still find yourself putting off the take-off date. Quite often, what is lacking is the will, or the motivation to START. And that’s where you need to work on: the will or the boldness to press the START button within you. There are ways to overcome that challenge. Here are three ways to motivate yourself to take action and to continue taking more action.

Break Things Down:

It’s all very easy and even human to feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of task at hand and the sheer amount of time and energy a person needs to muster to be able to tackle them. It becomes even more paralyzing when the task appears to be long-drawn and cumbersome. When a task looks that way, we often tell ourselves it’s too much work and that we don’t have the time available to begin and finish them. And quite frankly, you may never really have that kind of time!

The solution? Break the tasks down into smaller bits that the mind can easily sub-consciously size up and tackle. Break the major goal into series of smaller steps or milestones that are achievable within a few hours or at most a day. That way, things will appear manageable.

And what normally happens is that the moment you achieve each little identifiable task, your confidence and momentum builds which further spurs you on to embark on the next task, thus taking more action! And you’ll surely agree that each time you accomplish any task related to your goal, the ultimate goal appears to draw nearer, which again encourages you to go on.

Take Away Distractions:

There are surely things or persons that cause the most distractions. They differ from person to person. For some, television programs may be it, while for others their worst distracters are close friends and family members. You know what it is in your own case. So stay away from such factors-especially at the time you should be doing something related to your business goal. If you work from home, this may be hard to do, which is one reason those who can afford it rent some cheap office space away from home.

But if your current budget can’t accommodate that, then you may be able to reach an accord with those in your house to leave you out of discussions at certain times of the day-while at the same time you also discipline yourself to resist the TV and needless web-surfing.

Fight Lethargy:

Yes, there are times when you feel like you can lift up and touch the sky! Conversely, there are also times when your performance and your motivation level clearly go into a slump. Don’t lie low until the sluggish spell fades away. There are some steps you can take to re-motivate and energize yourself. A brisk walk and similar forms of exercise can often send fresh oxygen into your brain and help you to begin thinking clearly once again. And that will make you feel inclined to taking action and doing your work.

It has often been said that we should work ourselves into feeling like doing something rather than waiting until we feel like doing it. It often works out that when a person continues to do something towards the accomplishment of their cherished dreams, they usually find the motivation along the way to continue going until the goal is realized. So if you want your dreams to become a reality, continue to take purposeful action.

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